From Training to the Field

Implementation of STM is easy. Case based classroom training prepares emergency responders for immediate, routine application in the field, and outcome based performance tracking requires only a small change in patient reports. MCI preparation can include disaster exercises. Software installation and training typically take just a few hours.

Multiple and Mass Casualty Triage
  • Training
  • Triage tags
  • Score cards
  • MCI support materials
  • Software
    • PDA
    • Incident command
  • Consulting services
    • surge analysis
    • exercise planning and support
    • outcome-based performance tracking
Medevac Dispatch
  • Retrospective study to define the state model and quantify medevac flight reduction and life saving opportunities
  • Implementation including prospective study, software and training


Implementation of the STM is system-wide. Pricing is based on the number of emergency responders to be trained and equipped, the number of software installations, and the number of triage tags.

Medevac Dispatching training and software can be included within the Sacco Triage Method system at no additional charge, or can be purchased separately. The small retrospective study price to quantify flight reductions and life saving opportunities is refundable upon implemenation. Pricing for the implementation depends on the scope of the project.